Our Popular Dishes!

Tikka Massala

From its origins over 20 years ago by south Asian chefs to suit European tastes tikka masala has probably become the single most popular curry dish in the country. Tikka pieces cooked in a delicious mild and creamy tomato sauce.

Butter Murgh

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated with ginger, garlic and yogurt, served in a creamy butter sauce shot through with tomato

Shobji Beghuni 

Whole aubergine hollowed out and cooked in a tandoor, stuffed with spiced, in-season, mixed vegetables and topped with a lentil sauce. A dish which involes 3 separate cooking procedures. Truly a king among vegetarian dishes."

Palak Paneer

Baby leaf spinach and home ade paneer sautéed with the executive chefs blend of secret spices.